Bellringers’ Outing




Our first tower was a ring of 6 (10cwt) at Maiden Newton.   This is a lovely church and the bells are a pleasure to ring.   We all rang them well and were pleased with our performance!

We rang here for one hour and during this time most of us were able to take advantage of the tea/coffee being served in the church.    This was very welcome.

Our next church was at Toller Porcorum a ring of 6 (8wt), just a few miles from Maiden Newton.    This again was a lovely ring of 6 and we again enjoyed the ringing here, although we were asked to be careful of the stays since the bells had not been checked for some while!!!    This made us a bit apprehensive on going there but the bells were fine and easy to ring.

By this time we were getting very hungry as we made our way back along Toller Down for lunch at The Winyards Gap, Chedington.     We had pre-booked our choice of menu and everything went very smoothly and the food was delicious.   The only slight problem was that one of our ringers just had to have three courses (the only one to have a starter) but he quickly devoured his first course whilst the rest of us were being served with our mains!!!!!!    We are getting used to this ringer having three courses.

Our next and last church was at South Perrott, a ring of 6 (6wt).   It is a lovely old church but we found the bells quite stressful and difficult to ring.   We all had at least one go at ringing but then most of us went down the stairs into the church and stayed there!!!     We let the more experienced ones ring their methods!!    The ringing chamber is very small so we had to go downstairs or stay on the stairs whist others were ringing, but it was a good experience for us.   The bells here are very noisy and the caller had to shout to be heard.




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