Chaffcombe History

Chaffcombe History.

Many images have been made available by villagers in the following slide show, please allow time to load. Further information ca n be found at this Link History of Chaffcombe

If you have any images you would like to add to this collection please contact the site administrators. There is a slideshow of old images sent to us, there are 58 in all and it may take a while to load , please wait for a while…….



Eventually we will provide some editorial to go with them.In the meantime it looks like there is work to be done.



Chaffcombe History — 2 Comments

  1. Does anyone remember Herbert ‘Bert’ or Beatrice ‘Bea’ Wright? I would love any information, photos or stories you have of them as they were my Great Grandparents and lived here years ago. They lived in Chaffcombe Cottage.

    Thank you

    • Yes I remember them when I was a child at Chaffcombe and I still live in Chaffcombe. There are one or two others who have lived in Chaffcombe as a child and are still here. I will ask them for their knowledge of them. I am Mary Butler (nee Gent). My email is