Lambs at Court Farm

New lambs at Court Farm Chaffcombe showing just how much they love life.

It was a delight to watch them leaping and running. These lambs are about a week old.
These are Wiltshire Horn.
It is the only widely available native breed that naturally sheds its wool. This is increasingly important as the price paid for wool drops against, not only the rising cost of shearing, but also the difficulty in getting small numbers of sheep shorn. Add to this the other costs directly attributable to wool – dagging, dipping etc. and it can be seen that in the present conditions in the sheep industry the peeling of wool is a priceless trait. We have found that the ewes are excellent milky mothers and also that the lambs finish well off grass. For those breeding their own ewes, the Wiltshire Horn ram offers the opportunity to breed peeling ewes.