Hall Management

Chaffcombe Village Hall Management

Chaffcombe Village Hall is a registered charity (reg 304508) whose main assets are the building and the land upon which it sits. A Trust Deed drawn up at the time of the formation of the Charity in 1961, together with a 2011 addendum, set out in detail how the Hall should be managed.

A Committee of Management is responsible for managing the Hall on behalf of, and for the benefit of local residents. A new committee is formed each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in April. The members of the Committee (who become Trustees of the Charity) are either appointed by groups who regularly use the Village Hall, or are elected. Local residents are encouraged to attend the AGM. Any resident over the age of 18 may vote or stand in the election for Trustees.

There are currently 10 representative groups, each of whom who may appoint an individual Trustee at the AGM. These are Chaffcombe Parish Council, The Parochial Church Council, The Arts and Disabled Arts Group, Chaffcombe Singers, The Social Coffee Mornings Group,  The Car Park Hire Group, Quizes and Vinyl Evenings and  Chaffcombe Sports Club.  Up to 5 Trustees are elected by local residents at the AGM and up to 2 Trustees may then be co opted by the Committee.

At each AGM the Trustees present their annual report and the Treasurer presents the annual financial accounts, for approval by those present. These documents are lodged with the Charities Commission.

Immediately after the AGM, the Trustees hold a Management Meeting, at which the Trustees elect officers from amongst themselves (currently Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Bookings Secretary,) who hold office for the following year. At least 2 Management meetings (including the one following the AGM) are held during the year.

Meeting agendas are posted prior to the meeting on the Parish noticeboards.  Local residents may attend (but not vote).

Marie Ainsworth