Wryneck in Chaffcombe

Wryneck seen in Chaffcombe

This very rare bird, a type of woodpecker, was first seen by David Bracher on 2nd September 2013 on the road leading up to Blanda House, Chaffcombe.  It stayed for just over a week, last seen on 10th September 2013.    During its visit for refuelling on the way from Scandinavia to Sub harran Africa it visited several Chaffcombe gardens and was frequently seen eating ants in and around The Pound.   The Wryneck does not nest in the UK anymore, only dropping into the south and south-east of England on migration during Spring and Autumn, so all who saw the bird feel exceptionally privileged.   Apparently it is the only one officially recorded in Somerset this Autumn.

If you want to see further pictures and a video of it moving around The Pound, recorded by Roger Harris of Chard, go on to:


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