Winners of the ‘Pick a Day of the Year’ draw and Skittles

All days for the year were sold – thanks to all of you who bought a day(s).

The £100 prize went to Joyce Stacey of Chaffcombe

The £25 prize went to Rev. Tim Price (our vicar)

Skittles and Barbeque

The barbeque held at The Pound was a great success with approximately 67 people taking part – all bringing their own food and drink but sharing various barbeques.    The weather was kind to us and everyone enjoyed themselves.    After filling themselves with their food a game of skittles was held, all participants having two tries of felling the skittles.

The winners were:

Under 10 years of age:    Connor Otterbeck (9 skittles) – well done Connor.

11 – 15 year olds:     Edward Butler – (7 skittles)  – well done Edward

Ladies:   After a ‘skittle off’  Hillary Mead (11 skittles) amazed us and won this section.

Gentleman:   Roger Lindsay was winning for a long time until near the end when Jim Collins had his throws and the first ball was a strike and then he managed the grand total of 17, winning the sought after chocolate orange!!


All thoroughly had a good time with even  a 1 year old taking part!!




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