Neale Family History Photos

Here are some of the photographs found in an attic in Chaffcombe, Some of these are delightful reminders of  our past.

Since these were posted on our website the lost photos have been re-united with the descendants.

A relative of Mr Neale deceased contacted us to ask where the old photographs as shown in Galleries were and where could they be seen. These photographs had been found in the attic of a cottage in Chaffcombe where Mr Neale’s daughter had once lived. A grandson of Mr Neale came to the village and took the old photographs with him to show other members of the family.

It is surprising what can be achieved through our website and this has probably made the Neale family very happy to have recovered photographs of some of their past family and history.

We have also had at least four other contacts from relatives of ex-Chaffcombe people but unfortunately up to this date we have been unable to help them. Our village records do not go back far enough. It is a great pity, but if you or your past family have had any contact with the village and you contact us we will do our best to help you find out any past records. Contact us on our page contact

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