Skittle Evening – Chaffcombe versus Chard Ringers

The winners!!! Chaffcombe Tower. Skittle evening between Chaffcombe and Chard ringers held on 16th December 2012 at The Poppe Inn, Tatworth

On Sunday 16th December 2012 Chaffcombe Tower arranged a skittle evening at The Poppe Inn, Tatworth.   We invited Chard ringers to come along to challenge us.   30 in total took part and it was a very pleasurable evening with plenty of fun and food.

We all had three turns of skittling each and it was a very close call.   After the first round Chard was winning by 12 points but during the next two rounds Chaffcombe showed what they could do and eventually won by 1 point.   Very close.    The prize was a tin of chocolates for the tower who won.    The men’s prize for the top player was shared between Alan Cox and Adrian Gillard and the booby prize went to Alex of Chaffcombe.

It was a great success and we had a lot of laughter and fun.

To end the evening we played a game of ‘killer’ and this proved to be difficult, all of us cheering the player before us to knock all the skittles down so that we could have a full 9 to try to hit one down.

The winner of ‘killer’ was Mark Bray (Sue and Joe’s son).

Thank you Chard for joining us and perhaps we can do it all again next year?