Jubilee Poems competition

First prize winner for adults:

Dizzy Lizzie DOB: 15/05/00

As Lizzie was driving along in her car

She looked at her map and said ‘Chaffcombe’s not far’

By the rezzie she drove and off down the lane

Past pothole, and bunting, and the odd blocked drain


There’s Gaylards Lane, now not very far

She straightened her crown and got out of the car

Across the field with Phillip beside her

What no tea! Only Chris’s rough cider


She watched all the games and joined in the races

Won the three legged tied with Phil’s laces

Along the track she almost flew

Face bright red and crown askew


Now back to Buck House, but what’s she found

A quiet secret stop at the old village pound

Then as she drove off she said ‘what a hoot’

I’ve got John’s totem pole in my boot.


 Second prize for adults:

What will we be doing in Chaffcombe on the morn of the Jubilee?

The poetry competition winner is planting up a tree!

Clothes are billowing in breezes on scarecrows stood having their say,

While church bells ring out round the parish, to usher in the glorious day.


What will we be doing in Chaffcombe after lunchtime on Jubilee?

The Umpire’s raising his finger as the bowler appeals with great glee,

It’s cricket time for the men folk, reliving their childhood dreams,

Wealding their bats with abandon, all heroes of bygone teams.


What will we be doing in the afternoon sun on the day of the Jubilee?

The young children are looking forward to a sweet tasting, scrumptious tea,

Who will win the three-legged race and triumph in the egg and spoon?

Wheel barrows and sacks will be flying until the time of the rising moon.


What will we be doing in Chaffcombe at twilight on Jubilee?

With children safely tucked up in their beds, the parents are now suddenly free.

Skittles fly with abandon as some for the prizes they press

Whilst others bask with warm feeling that the day has been quite a success!


Other entries from adults:

Monday, the fourth of June,

Jubilee celebrations in Chaffcombe village,

Old and young alike will soon

Enjoy an entertaining voyage.


A voyage into past sights

Taking part in many pursuits,

All of those childhood delights

Forgotten,  yet not quite forgotten roots.


Cricket, rounders, skittles for free

Races, wellie throwing, splat the rat.

Then comes the afternoon tea

Children excited and hungry as a bat.


A ‘healthy’ barbeque I don’t think

To stimulate the ravenous adults

For a game of skittles and table tennis or sink

Into a game of boules in exults.


The birds sing as dusk approaches towards the night,

The sun is setting, amber and rose,

The moon is rising full and bright

For our moonlight walk bringing our day to a close.


Twas good Queen Bess that ruled this land

And before that time did Chaffcombe stand

And now we have our own Queen Bess

(some folks round here say”Lizabeth”)

She’s long been queen and long may be

For none wants change, not you or me

This village dear throughout her time

Is peaceful, fair and good and fine

So let all Chaffcombe raise a cheer

For this and many a “Queen Bess Year”.


There was a young lady, our Queen

Who came to the throne almost green.

Now sixty years later, she everyone’s mater.

I hope she beats Vicky ….. How mean!?!


Children’s Poetry:

First prize:

Here is a poem about the Diamond Jubilee.

I think you’ll like it  because it’s poetry.

The Queen has reigned for 60 years.

She wears a crown above her ears.

Buckingham Palace is her home,

There she sits on a golden throne.

We are the public and we are proud,

So stand there and cheer out loud.

(10 years old)


Second prize:

The Queen is great.

She rules the land

And lives in a house that is very grand.

She has three sons and one daughter too

She likes dogs and has a few.

It is the Queen’s diamond Jubilee

Lots of fun for you and me.

(8 years old)