New: Recycling changing Autumn 2017


Recycling and waste collection services will change in the Autumn of 2017, with an estimated saving of £1.7 million annually. There is cross party support for the changes, which will mean moving from 2 to 3 weeks for residual waste collections. Weekly recycling collections will increase and additional recyclable materials – ALL plastics, small electrical items AND batteries will be collected at the kerbside, in addition to weekly collections of paper, cardboard, food waste, food and drink cans, aerosols, glass bottles and jars, tin/aluminium foil, shoes, textiles (unstuffed) and plastic bottles. An additional reusable bag with cover will be provided for plastics and cans. The change is intended to achieve energy savings, allowing resources to be used again, and less waste sent to landfill. The fleet of recycling vehicles will be replaced in 2017. Frequency of communal collection facilities (e.g. from flats) will not change; every bin store that has space will have be able to recycle more, by adding cardboard and plastic bottles. The approach taken for the disposal of nappies and adult absorbent hygiene products (AHP) will not change

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