Village Hall Trustees’ meeting


 A Trustees Committee Meeting will take place on Tuesday 15th November at 7:30 pm in the Village Hall.

This is an open meeting. Local residents are very welcome to attend.


  1.  Apologies for absence.
  2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting.
  3. Actions arsing from previous meeting (not otherwise covered in the agenda).
  4. Financial Report.
  5. Approval of application from Chaffcombe Sports Club to become a user group.
  6. Buildings and Maintenance (storage,  cleaning,  Health and Safety, other).
  7. Entertainments/future events/Hall use.
  8. Date of AGM and next committee meeting (Proposed either 4th April or 25th April).
  9. AOB.

Mike Miles       Secretary

4th November 2016


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