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Briefing Paper – New measures to ensure swift, smooth and safer visits to Somerset’s 16 recycling sites

 This briefing paper outlines the details of the introduction of new measures, including a free permit system for a small proportion of customers, from Monday 3 October 2016 at Somerset’s 14 Recycling Centres and two Community Recycling Sites.

Somerset’s growing population, greater vehicle ownership, and rising waste levels have caused the annual number of recycling site visits to jump 400,000 in recent years to well over 1.5 million. Somerset Waste Board has approved the changes to cut congestion, improve services, enhance safety and reduce costs.

Residents bringing in household waste using a car (but not towing a trailer), including estates, 4x4s, people carriers and campervans, do not need a permit.

Those using smaller vans, pick-ups, or single-axle trailers of up to three-metre floor length towed by cars for household waste need a free three-year permit, available only to Somerset residents, for use on weekdays and 1pm-4pm on Saturdays.

The largest vehicles – vans over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW), box (Luton) vans, agricultural vehicles – and trailers of over three-metre floor length or with more than one axle, including box trailers and horse boxes, or any combination of van and trailer, cannot be used to bring in household waste from 3 October.

Business vehicles using the 10 recycling sites accepting paid-for trade waste need no permit. At Taunton (Priorswood) and Highbridge there are no restrictions on trade vehicles, trailers, vehicle-trailer combinations or access times. At the other eight trade sites, businesses must observe the same measures as residents, including no vans with trailers and access on weekdays and 1pm-4pm on Saturdays.

Residents using a hire vehicle for up to three days to deposit household waste or charged-for materials, such soil or hardcore, can obtain a temporary access permit at a recycling site by presenting the hire agreement and completing a waiver form.

Each Somerset household can have one permit for a specific van and one trailer permit with details of two towing cars. Permits cannot be transferred or altered; any changes require a new free permit application and the old permit to be destroyed.

Applications are made online via Somerset Waste Partnership’s website. Residents without online access can use any local library for online access and assistance.

Visit for full details, including a visual checklist of vehicles accepted and not accepted, terms and conditions, and answers to FAQs.

Somerset Waste Partnership                                                                     August 2016

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