‘Adopt a Drain’

Can you take responsibility for keeping the drain near your house free of debris and leaves to help the drain do its job of dealing with rainfall?

Clearing the gullies is a job for professionals.   However, we can all do our bit by ensuring that as much of the debris which collects around and on top of the drains is regularly swept away, particularly after heavy rain which brings down all the silt on to the drains.

The Parish Council are asking residents if they can do their best and ‘adopt a drain’ near them.   Not everyone will be able to clear a drain but many of us can.   If you think you can do this to help the village please contact Ken on 01460 929941, so that we can ensure all drains are monitored.

So please, for the sake of our village and to reduce the possibility of flooding, ‘Adopt a Drain’.

Thank you.

Chaffcombe Parish Council

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