Remember to recycle all your glass bottles and aerosols

Do not forget to check every room for recycling, including bedrooms and bathrooms to look for toiletries, such as glass perfume and aftershave bottles, or even glass bottles that have contained cough and cold medicines.

Just give them a rinse and pop them into your kerbside box alongside all your other glass bottles and jars. However, please do not use the kerbside recycling service for broken glass items, Pyrex or light bulbs.

We also accept a wide range of spent aerosols from those that contained shaving creams, hairsprays and deodorants, as well as furniture polishes and air fresheners.  Just remember not to pierce or squash these, and to ensure they are empty.

Thank you for recycling, your recycling efforts are really making a difference.  Increased recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill, which saves tax payers money and will help keep Somerset among the top recycling areas in the UK.

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