Village Hall AGM


The Village Hall  will be holding its AGM on Tuesday 5th  April at 7:30 pm in the Village Hall.

This is an open meeting and all local residents are very welcome to attend, to hear about the Hall’s activities and achievements in the past year and its plans for the coming year.

The Chairman’s and Treasurer’s reports for the past year will be presented followed by questions from “the floor.” Trustees for the coming year will  be elected/appointed/co opted. Local residents may (if over 18) stand for, and/or vote in the election of Trustees (who will manage the Hall on behalf of the community for following 12 months.)

The meeting agenda will be posted on Parish noticeboards shortly.

After the AGM there will be a Committee Meeting where (amongst other things) the Trustees elected/appointed at the AGM, choose from amongst themselves, a  Chairman, Secretary, Booking Secretary and Treasurer for the coming year.

Mike Miles


18th March 2016

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