Somerset River Authority

Dear parish clerk,

Please find attached a copy of the latest newsletter from the Somerset Rivers Authority, which was formally established nearly a year ago to provide a higher standard of flood protection for people, properties, businesses and services across the whole of Somerset than national funding normally allows.

I should be very grateful if you would alert your councillors to this 4-page issue of The Stream, which is intended to be compact, readable and printable from a computer. It’s in colour, but comes out fine in black and white!

If you would like me to send you printed copies to give out, to councillors or to other people or places in your community, then I will happily do so – if you could  please let me have your address.

Alternatively, if you’re able to let me have your councillors’ email addresses, I could send PDFs straight to them.

It would be very helpful if you could please put copies on your parish noticeboards.

This update can also be read on the SRA’s website, with a few more pics:

We were very heartened by the enthusiastic response that we had from parish clerks and councillors that we had to the dredging briefing we sent out in November. Thank you for all your help.

If you have any questions for me, please get in touch.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Hudston

Communications Manager, Somerset Rivers Authority


Tel: 01823 357676

Mob: 07768 392184


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