Lost Cat

We posted a lost cat notice on Facebook and had over 2850 hits on this.

We eventually managed to get the cat to the local vets at Kingfisher Chard and they scanned the cat for the owner. We were pleased to discover it was chipped and owners were stated as RSPCA Lufton.

Some research revealed that the cat now known to beĀ  a male was captured at Cricket St Thomas by RSPCA and neutered and wormed etc then as they considered it was too feral just released into the wild. It made its way to Chaffcombe crossing the A30 for some miles.compo-cat

He certainly is not feral but quite tame and is very friendly.

He has now been named Compo as he seems to prefer to sit on the top of the compost heap sheltering under the lid. We will leave him there with a blanket (and food) until he decides to come inside.

He has a voracious appetite devouring anything in seconds!

Thanks to all who responded.


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