Village Hall alterations 100 Club

We are getting there and the first draw will take place for the beginning of May.   Prize monies will be confirmed in a few weeks’ time when all of our members have signed up.   I am still awaiting a few.   So here’s wishing you ‘good luck’ with your numbers.   The winning numbers (no names will be printed against the numbers as some have asked to be anonymous) will be published each month for the next 12 months here, on the Chaffcombe Facebook page, in The Link and also on the two noticeboards.    There is still time to join us if you so wish.   Just contact me, Mary Butler, on 01460 64592 or email: and I will contact you and let you have, if you have not already got one, the ‘pack’.     If you still have not joined after the first, second or so months you can still join with a reduced fee for the remaining months left in the running of this Club.

Good luck.   Mary

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