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Welcome to our 100+ CLUB (hopefully it will be the 150/200 Club!) – a great way for you to support us whilst having a bit of a flutter! There is no limit on numbers but we would obviously like 100 of you to join. Here’s how it works…

You complete and sign the attached membership for £24 (12 months starting from 1st May). Cheques made payable to Chaffcombe Village Hall. You will then be given a number.

This buys you one membership number (we will allocate), which enters you into the monthly draw.

All participants must be over 16.

The draw will take place on the first day of each month commencing when we have enough members (hopefully on the 1st May 2015). It will be announced on our website, noticeboards, Facebook and The Link.

If you win, a cheque will be posted to your home address and the winning numbers will be published on our Website (www.Chaffcombe.com), on the two noticeboards, in The Link and on our Facebook page.

The prize money will be 50% of the membership fee taken that month, e.g. 1st prize £50, 2nd £30 and 3rd £20 (making £100 given back in prizes and £100 retained for the alterations). The more members the merrier and prize monies will be adjusted either up or down depending on numbers. If we are successful in getting more members then we can give out more prizes. The remaining 50% goes towards the funding of the Chaffcombe Village Hall alterations.

Any queries, please contact Mary Butler (Isabelle Mary Butler on licence) on 01460 64592, mobile: 07799002066 or email: mary@chaff.fsnet.co.uk.
Address of designated member of society: Mrs Isabelle M Butler, Crossways, Chaffcombe, Chard, Somerset, TA20 4AU.

Small Society Registration No: 43593 (Gambling Act 2005, Schedule 11 para 44)
The Trustees of the Chaffcombe Village Hall are raising monies for the alterations to the interior of the Village Hall, works estimated to cost around £11,500. Money raised by the 100+ Club will be used to buy the materials required, many parishioners having come forward to give most of the labour free so as to cut down the costs. By joining the 100+ Club you can help fund the alterations as well as having a chance to win cash prizes every month! This 100+ Club is a private lottery and is open to all residents from the parish of Chaffcombe and the surrounding area, their family and friends. As a private lottery you have to be invited to join, you will be allocated a number and your tickets are not transferable. You have to be 16 or over to join.
Each month, hopefully from May 2015, there will be a draw for 50% of the income. This amount will be divided between 3 lucky winners. For example, if we have 100 members the income for that month will be £200 and 50% will be used as the prize fund i.e. £100 split into three prizes
The 1st prize will be £50 (if 100 members), 2nd prize will be £30 (if 100 members), 3rd prize will be £20 (if 100 members). The more people who buy a subscription more prizes will be introduced.
You may have (and are encouraged to do so) more than one number per month. We would prefer for you to pay for the year by cheque or cash (£24) if you are interested. Fill in and return the Application form with your details and you will be allocated a number.
100 Club Rules
The object of the Club is to raise funds for the works to be undertaken at Chaffcombe Village Hall. The Club will be run under the supervision of Mrs Isabelle Mary Butler (Trustee) who will also administer the Club with Mr Stan Robinson (Chairman) and Mrs Rachel Bale (Treasurer) of the Village Hall Committee.
The club is open to all residents of the Parish of Chaffcombe and the surrounding area, their family and friends.
Members must be 16 or over.
Members must fill in an application form.
Entry to monthly draws will be by subscription of £2 per month per number, paid in advance (£24 per number per person for 12 months starting hopefully on 1st May), preferably by cheque or cash. Members may have more than one number. The 100 Club shall not be limited to 100 members.
Subsequent to the first draw, hopefully in May 2015, additional new members may be entered for the draw in the calendar month that follows receipt payment. In respect of the additional new members the membership fee will be calculated as to how many more months the lottery has to run. Responsibility for ensuring that the subscription has been paid rests with the individual member (not the Trustees of the Chaffcombe Village Hall) The draw will be monthly on the first day of the month. Prize monies will be drawn under the scrutiny of two adjudicators. Winners will be contacted personally by 100+ Club administrators who will make all reasonable efforts to pay or post prizes to the winners within a week of each monthly draw.
• The winning numbers will be posted on Chaffcombe’s notice boards, in The Link ,on the Chaffcombe website and on Chaffcombe Facebook each month after the draw.
The regular monthly prize fund will be 50% of the monthly income. The remaining 50% of the fund will be allocated to the Chaffcombe Village Hall Fund. Registers will be kept recording the name and address of each member, the number(s) allocated to them and the subscriptions received from them.
If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into Chaffcombe Village Hall Funds after 6 months.
The decision of the Trustees of the Chaffcombe Village Hall Fund shall be final in all matters requiring adjudication.
The Trustees of the Chaffcombe Village Hall shall have the power to amend or revoke these rules at their absolute discretion with such reasonable notice to the 100+ Club members as is necessary.

Application forms available from Mary Butler on 01460 64592, email: mary@chaff.fsnet.co.uk.

You have a very good chance of winning.

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