Walk with footpath co-ordinator

A message from Tony our fantastic ‘footpath man’The next Out of Village Walk will be on Tuesday 20th May in the general direction of Sticklepath if conditions allow. The start will be at 10.00 am at Chaffcombe Village Hall with a second pick-up point at the Anglers Car-Park at Chard Nature Reserve for those not in the village wishing to join the walk. Rather than wear out my poor feet I will probably start from the Anglers.

Tony keeps our footpaths in and around the village in brilliant shape so please support him in the village walks and the longer ‘out of village’ walks. The village walks are shorter and more leisurely with lots of stops for litter picking and clearing. ┬áThe ‘out of village’ walks are slightly longer and at a more steady pace, normally with a coffee and cake stop – possibly Cuttifords Door Garden Centre on the 20th.

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