Monthly walk – Tuesday 5th November 2013

12 parishioners and friends took part in our monthly walk on a lovely sunny morning although the wind was blowing a  bit strong in some places.

We walked mainly on the roads  because of the past inclement weather making the footpaths very muddy and slippery.   The route we took this time was Summers Lane, Whitmore, Lydmarsh and across the Bale’s fields to Young’s Wood, making our way across the golf course to join Redscript Road.  After cutting away foliage around the ‘Chaffcombe’ sign we walked along the road to Cricket Cross and then to the top of Sprays Hill where some carried on on the road to Chaffcombe Crossroads and the others took the footpath along the top of Sprays Hill, down the fields (very slippery) to reach Knapps Lane ready to complete the walk at the Village Hall.

Litter was picked up on the way and we actually picked up 4 carrier bags’ full.   Why do people dropped their litter?

Our next walk will be on Tuesday 3rd December starting from the Village Hall at 10.00 a.m.   The route will be announced soon.   We have agreed that this time we will finish at the Village Hall for a cuppa before dispersing home.     You are all welcome.


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