Walk – 2nd September 2013

Sorry no photos this time.   I forgot to take the camera!

12 of us came on our monthly walk to clear our footpaths.    It was a lovely hot morning and the views were very clear.   We started from the Village Hall at 10.00 and walked up the hill to go up the footpath by The Old Rectory, across the field to Gaylards Lane.   No overgrowth here.

We walked leisurely down to Woodhouse Farm and across the fields to Knowle St Giles where fortunately for us but I am not sure it was fortunate for Hillary!!    She had just arrived home in the car as we were getting over the style by her house.   She asked whether we would like a cup of coffee and I said there were 12 of us but she kindly took pity on us and gave us all a cuppa (or those who wanted one).  It was very appreciated and the use of her toilet!!!!

From there we walked up the road to come across the footpath to Ashtons and up the road to Sprays Hill.    Still nothing to clear but once going across the footpath at Sprays Hill our work began.   The gorse and brambles were across our pathway and to work we did go.   Well most of us did, some picked the blackberries instead!!!!!    The path was finally cleared and down we went to the bamboos of Chaffcombe House.   A pathway had been cut through by our footpath co-orinator before the walk but we also cut away more to make the path wider.     From then on the paths were okay and we eventually came out on to Knapps Lane and gently made our way back to the Village Hall after ‘gossiping’ with villagers on the way back!    A good time was had by all.    Thank you Tony.

See you all again next month.


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