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Heritage Theatre

Heritage Theatre

Heritage Theatre

President: Prof. David Bellamy

Heritage Theatre is an amateur non-profit making group of local performers who give their services free to raise funds to protect our heritage. Established in the 1960’s by Gervais Bellamy the Company staged numerous plays and other dramatic presentations in locations as widely separated as London and Durham.


It was resurrected in South Somerset initially to perform “Trafalgar and the Immortal Memory” on the 21st October 2005 [the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar] followed by the Story of the Music Halls and “Lest We Forget”, a tribute to all service men. Women and civilians, who were involved in the Great War 1914 – 1918 [The War to end Wars!] and World War II Thereafter performances have included “Happy & Glorious” – a tribute to the Victorian era, Revues entitled “Anything Goes” and “A Little Nonsense” plus “A Christmas Miscellany”

Technical Director: Gervais Bellamy

Business Manager: Bruce Farrer

Musical Director: Jonathan Farey


The Cast of Performers

The Ladies: Phillipa Glanvill Maggie Griffiths, Lily Farey, Maria Farey, Polly Farey, Jackie Lifton, Sue Veale

The Gentlemen: Gervais Bellamy, Jonathan Farey, Bruce Farrer, Neil Lane, Tim Northcott, Andrew Tresidder

Accompanist: Audrey Lee Thornton

“St. George & Merrie England”

 Devised and written by Gervais Bellamy


In many countries the celebration of their Patron Saint’s Day is substantial but less so amongst the English – unless you live abroad where branches of The St George Society flourish! Today we seek to reflect on how St George, a Christian Martyr, became our Patron Saint and how his influence has affected the wide sweep of activities that reflect in what it means to be English.

As with all good stories we must start at the very beginning and so commense with the legend [part fact, possibly part fiction] of the story of St George a former Military Tribune in the Roman Army. Martyrdom followed his refusal to give up his faith and his example gave strength to those who later fought in the Crusades. We call upon the Bard William Shakespeare to illuminate all that is English and quickly get into singing mode with “Rule Britannia”. Thereafter we reflect on the role that the Thames has played in development of our unique character as well as our historic link with the seas that surround our island nation. Farming and all that goes with it is seen as central to national development and the first half closes with recognition of Somerset’s favourite tipple – cider!

English Village Life

Village life is extolled as we start the second half as is the role of the pub! The English abroad is explored with Sir Henry Newbolt and the words of Kipling illuminate English core values in his poem “If”. Humour in its various facets is recognised together with reflections by that greatest of Englishmen Winston Churchill. Land of Hope and Glory provides national outpouring brought down to earth with the song of the weather as penned by Flanders and Swan.

There’ll Always be an England provides ample opportunity for song and flag waving and we close with the National Anthem.

We hope that you enjoy the performance and join lustily in the singing when invited to.


Part 1

Song “When a Knight won his Spurs”

Speech From Henry V [Shakespeare]

Song Rule Britannia

Speech From Richard II [Shakespeare]

Poem Upon Westminster Bridge [Wordsworth]

Song “Old Father Thames”

Song “The Fishermen of England”

Song “The Eton Boating Song”

Song “The Farmer’s Boy”

Song “The Lincolnshire Poacher”

Song “We Plough the Fields and Scatter…”

Song “God Bless Elizabeth” from Merrie England

Song “D’ye Ken John Peel”

Song “Drink up thy Cider”

Part 2

Song “Heigh-ho Come to the Fair”

Song “We’ll Gather Lilacs in the Spring Again”

Pub Song Medley

Poem Vitae Lampada [Sir Henry Newbolt]

Poem If [Rudyard Kipling]

Song “Home Sweet Home”

Poem Goodbye my England [Anon]

Performance Village Humour

Song “For he is an Englishman”

Song “Jerusalem”

Song “Land of Hope and Glory”

Song “Song of the Weather”

Song “There’ll always be an England”

Anthem The National Anthem

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