Village Hall Improvements

Some much needed maintenance, repair and improvement work on the Village Hall is starting this autumn.
The 3 rear hard wood windows on the main building have rotting sills, which will be replaced. Two of the windows (located near the rear fire exit) are original, dating back to 1890, and have unusual winding opening mechanisms. The third (located close to the kitchen) was designed and installed by Tony Morris, Village Hall Trustee, in the late 1980’s as part of the major facelift that was undertaken at that time. Keeping the original window designs and construction methods will help to maintain the character of the building.
Three metal frame windows located on the kitchen/toilet extension are to be replaced with UPVC framed windows, together with the kitchen rear door. The new windows will have better insulation properties, should reduce interior condensation problems, and will require less ongoing maintenance. The new dooor is of better construction, will require less maintenance, and provide better security.
Finally much needed pointing of the rear storage shed brickwork will be undertaken by local resident John Pudduck using special lime mortar.
The work will cost just less than £3000.  South Somerset District Council have extended a grant to us of £1390 and the local Parish Council have supported us to the tune of £150 with the balance being sourced from Village Hall funds

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