K6 Telephone Kiosk at Chaffcombe

Rowland is co-ordinating the renovation of our K6 telephone kiosk.    If any of you can spare an hour or so to help scrap the paint off both inside and outside it would be appreciated.    When done Rowland will spray the phone box with the correct red paint.  Volunteers can also paint the inside with a brush and some parts of the outside where the spray has missed!!!!

It has been suggested that the phone box be used for ‘footpaths’ information of our parish, including maps, and various walking literature and books.   Parishioners can then borrow the information and bring it back when they have had a look at it.

I have asked a number of villagers and they seem to approve this suggestion.    Have you any comments about this?    Obviously things will have to be done to keep them in a good state.

Here are some of the photos taken as it is today (3rd October 2012)

The ‘TELEPHONE’ sign has completely faded on one side

K6 Telephone Box at Chaffcombe. Some of the paint has been taken off.

The door has been taken off for repair

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