Next Village Walk to clear footpaths – Tuesday 7th May

Dear all
I am planning a walk after the May Day holiday heading south of the village and over the A30 to Wreath Farm as follows:-
Chaffcombe Village Walk Tuesday 7th May at 10.00 am
Village Hall – Summer Lane – Whitemore Hill (taken at a very gentle pace ) – new track past the Clock Tower – track south to A30 – A30 west  –  Up timber staircase and across fields to Wreath Farm – Wreath Lane – A30 west – The Drift north – Avishayes Lane west – Paintmore Lane – Chaffcombe Lane back to village
Now that ploughing and planting are well under way I want to check that footpaths across fields have been reinstated, but just in case we may be crossing muddy and wet fields so good footwear is advised. We may need to do some cutting back.
Hope that this appeals and you would like to come
Best wishes
Anthony Gray Chaffcombe Parish PPLO

Anthony Gray

18 Barberry Drive


Somerset TA20 1HR

tele 0146065392


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