Sunday Services – 3rd and 10th September

Sunday 3rd and 10th September Services
Dear all
Last weekend Michelle and I took the kids to watch the Sidmouth Airshow; which is something we hadn’t been to before and thought we might enjoy, particularly as the Red Arrows were on the billing.
The weather forecast was distinctly unfavourable, with a risk of thunder and heavy showers. There was therefore a significant possibility that the airshow may not happen, and so we chose not to tell the kids that that was what we were doing, but rather just going for an evening’s walk and picnic!
As we drove to Sidmouth we travelled through torrential rain. The local radio warned drivers to expect significant delays and trouble parking in the Sidmouth area. All in all it didn’t look too hopeful. We intended to park at the top of Salcombe Hill and find a spot on the hillside overlooking Sidmouth from where to enjoy the show and a picnic. As we arrived the skies cleared and, despite the warnings, the car park had plenty of space. We eventually found the right path to a lovely grass clearing from which we had a fantastic panoramic view over the bay.
We waited on the hillside expectantly, with a great many others, looking down on Sidmouth and the thousands of spectators there, similarly waiting on the beach – all of us gazing wonderingly at the dramatic skies that seemed to hold the destiny of the forthcoming couple of hours in precarious balance. Rain came and rain went, but gradually the cloud base lifted, and shortly after 5:20 three biplanes raced in from the east to the delight of everyone.
There is something mesmerising about watching aerobatics. The skill of the pilots, the resonating roar of the engines, the perilous risk on display. After the biplanes we saw further display teams – all wonderful. And then we waited again to see if the Red Arrows would arrive. Just when we thought they wouldn’t, a faint roar of jet engines was heard and the familiar triangle of scarlet planes crossed the far north horizon and disappeared. Was that it? Had they scoped the cloud base and determined it was too low for fast jets? People began to ponder…
But then, seemingly from nowhere – they roared in and gave a wonderful display that truly made your hair stand on end. Andrew was jumping up and down screaming; ‘The Red Arrows!! The Red Arrows!!’. It was amazing, and well worth getting wet for, and waiting for in hope and expectation and pushing through our doubts.
In our Christian lives we have Jesus, and the truth and hope that He brings, as a constant source of light and inspiration. Sometimes it can seem far away, and sometimes it can seem downright difficult to know. But when it is glimpsed; either fleetingly or in sustained periods; it brings such joy and wonder that it fully reaffirms the worth of the challenges that we can often face.
Jesus is all around us working wondrous miracles, which we can see when we open our consciousness to Him. How wonderful if we could all stand together to gaze on His works and jump and down to shout praise in His name!
SERVICES for the coming fortnight:
Sunday 3 September:
10am – Holy Communion; St Stephen’s, Winsham
10:30am – Emmaus; St John’s, Tatworth (Sunday cafe from 1030 – worship at 11)
Sunday 10 September:
8am – Holy Communion; St Stephen’s, Winsham
10am – Morning Worship; Thorncombe
10:30am – Holy Communion; St Michael & All Angels, Chaffcombe
New Term
The new academic year starts next week. Children will be returning to school and term time routines start again. Please hold all those in, or working in education, in your prayers!
With the new term our weekly St John’s Toddler Group starts again from Friday 8th September. 10am in the Church Room at Tatworth.
Please hold in your prayers all you know who are struggling in any way, in body, mind or spirit. We are asked to pray by name for:

Dave Boyland; Wendy Cotton; Mary Marsh; Tony Taylor; Margaret Bandy; Di Nicholls; Hester Down; Stella Hutchison; Oskar Lee; Margaret Shields; Andrew de Pury; Cyril Larcombe; Lynn Ranson; Keith Legge; Margaret Golesworthy; Peter Harper

We remember all those whom we love but see no longer; particularly at this time Lawrence Dunning.
A prayer for Trinity 13:
Almighty God,
who called your Church to bear witness
that you were in Christ reconciling the world to yourself:
help us to proclaim the good news of your love,
that all who hear it may be drawn to you;
through him who was lifted up on the cross,
and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.
The Reverend Philip Butcher
Rector – Two Shires Benefice (Tatworth, Thorncombe, Winsham, Chaffcombe & Cricket Malherbie)
The Vicarage
3 Home Farm
TA20 2SH
01460 221286
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