Chaffcombe Parish Walks for next week

Dear all
I am planning 2 walks next week, one of Tuesday for those who may be helping at the Flower Festival and one as part of the festival, as follows:-
Tuesday 23rd May 2023 at 10.00am
Village Hall – Summer Lane – Whitemore Hill (walked leisurely) – Lydmarsh Farm – Youngs Copse – Golf Course – Knapps Lane – Village Hall
We may see the remains of bluebells in the woods!
There may be some clearance work to do as we walk but hopefully nothing too heavy.
Saturday 27th May Flower Festival Walk at 2.00pm
Village Hall – Knapps Lane to see water wheel working – Footpath to Court Farm partly alongside stream – across field to Gaylards Lane – across fields to Paintmoor Lane – along Paintmoor Lane to Chaffcombe Lane – Gaylards Lane – across field back to Chaffcombe Lane – Village Hall
Hope that one or both appeal to you, could be that there will be sun!
Best wishes
Anthony Gray Chaffcombe parish PPLO

Anthony Gray

18 Barberry Drive


Somerset TA20 1HR

tele 0146065392


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