Next Village Walk to clear footpaths – Tuesday 12th July

Dear all
No walk this week as we are still sorting out after 2 weeks holiday in The Lakes (would you believe that waterproofs were not used!) so the next Chaffcombe Village walk will be on Tuesday 12th July as follows:-
Chaffcombe Village Walk Tuesday 12th July at
Village Hall – Summer Lane – Court Farm – across field to Gaylards Lane – across fields at Greenways (cows permitting)  Paintmore Lane – Avishayes Road – The Drift (south) – A30 (east) check timber staircase to Wreath) – Mals Mead Lane – across field to track to Avishayes House – Whitemore Hill – Summer Lane – Village Hall
We will be cutting back as required en-route to keep paths clear so be prepared for brambles. We can change and foreshorten the walk on the day if necessary, should we be overwhelmed by a heat wave.
Hope this appeals to you and you will join in.
Best wishes
Anthony Gray Chaffcombe Parish PPLO

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