Dear All, 

We are doing something a bit different this year for Palm Sunday. 
Our Palm Sunday service this year is a Benefice service of Holy Communion and will be at Chaffcombe Church. Palm Sunday is traditionally the day in which we share the story of the passion, often told through a passion narrative with different readers. 
We would love to be able to include a passion narrative as part of the service this year and to have some readers from across our five churches. Please do get in contact with me over the coming week if you would like to take part in this (we have non-speaking parts too). It would really help if you could get back to me by next Friday (April 1st) so that i know what numbers i am working with. 
At the end of our service, we will be processing together down to the village hall in Chaffcombe where we will conclude our service and then share in refreshments together. Thank you so much to those at Chaffcombe church for organising this. 
This service will be a real opportunity to do something a bit creative, as well as very traditional. It will be such a great way to come together as a Benefice as we share in this special service together. Please don’t worry if you would rather not take part in the passion narrative, it is also a good time to sit and listen to the story in a new way, told by different people. 
With very best wishes, 

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