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Dear all

This Sunday we hear the familiar miracle of Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana.  Jesus refers to it as a ‘sign’ – a glimpse of what is to come.  
There is something tremendously vivid about this miracle – it almost feels like you are witnessing an illusion, a party trick.  Indeed – many a vicar (myself included) has demonstrated this in school assemblies, pouring water into a glass whereupon it ‘miraculously’ turns red!  (and no – I’m not telling how it’s done…)
But what Jesus does is no trick.  It is an important message being given.  It is demonstrating the abundance of the love of God, and that God embraces us for who we are completely (symbolised by the water jars).  The love of God is so powerful and so great that it is actually transformative.
Epiphany, which continues through to 30th January, is all about allowing the truth of the incarnation (birth of Christ) to take root in our lives – to be transformed as people of God.  It is about walking with God in a new way, with new understanding – better understanding.  And in Jesus’ actions at the wedding at Cana we are reminded that above all, that transformative love is a love filled with joy!
Worship this Sunday (16th January):
10am – Holy Communion at St John’s Tatworth.  Rev’d Philip
11:15am – Holy Communion at St Mary Magdalene.  Rev’d Judith; Rev’d Philip preaching.
10am – Morning Worship at St Stephen’s, Winsham – Lay Led
6:30pm – Service of Light at St Mary’s, Thorncombe – Lay led.
In Remembrance:
The funeral of Trevor Burnham was held in St Mary’s, Thorncombe, on 6th January, followed by burial.  May I pass on thanks from Trevor’s family for all who attended and facilitated what were Trevor’s final wishes to return to Thorncombe to rest.
The funeral of Jim Shepard takes place at 1pm in St Michael and All Angels, Chaffcombe on Friday 14th January.  
The funeral of John Huxtable takes place at 11am in St Mary Magdalene’s, Cricket Malherbie on Wednesday 19th January.
Please remember Trevor, Jim and John in your prayers, and pray for their families and friends in their time of mourning.
And finally…
Here is a poem from Malcolm Guite called ‘Epiphany at Cana’:
Epiphany at Cana
Here’s an epiphany to have and hold,
A truth that you can taste upon the tongue,
No distant shrines and canopies of gold
Or ladders to be clambered rung by rung,
But here and now, amidst your daily  living,
Where you can taste and touch and feel and see,
The spring of love, the fount of all forgiving,
Flows when you need it, rich, abundant, free.
Better than waters of some outer weeping,
That leave you still with all your hidden sin,
Here is a vintage richer for the keeping
That works its transformation from within.
‘What price?’ you ask me, as we raise the glass,
‘It cost our Saviour everything he has.’
Blessings to you all
The Reverend Philip Butcher
Rector – Two Shires Benefice (Tatworth, Thorncombe, Winsham, Chaffcombe & Cricket Malherbie)
The Vicarage
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