Next Village Walk – Thursday 13th January

Dear All
I was planning to have a village walk next Tuesday but I now need to be in Bristol that day.
So I thought Thursday may be a suitable option so this is what is planned:-
Chaffcombe Village Walk Thursday 13th January 2022 at 10.00am
Village Hall – Summer Lane – Mal Meads Lane – Old Happy – cross A30 – Wreath Farm – Wreath Lane (north) – A30  (west)  –  The Drift – Paintmoor Lane – Chaffcome Lane – Gaylards Lane – track to Rose Cottage – Village Hall
Most of this walk will on local roads but we will be crossing some fields which likely to be muddy and wet. We may have to do some cutting back especially at the A30 timber staircase but hopefully this will not be too bad.
Just in case you are not back to full fitness (like me) we will not be climbing Mount Whitemoor Hill this time.
Hope this walk appeals to you, if the weather is not too good, we can foreshorten this walk.
Best wishes
Anthony Gray Chafcombe Parish PPLO

Anthony Gray

18 Barberry Drive


Somerset TA20 1HR

tele 0146065392


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