Next Village Walk to cut back footpaths

Dear all
I am due to my CoVid booster jab on Monday to just in case I have a reaction I plan to have a village walk on Thursday as follows:-
Chaffcombe Village Walk Thursday 9th December at 10.00 am
Village Hall – Chaffcombe Gate – Cricket Lane (east) to Sprays Hill – turn left for Knowle Green (west) – Knowle Green – continue to Cycle Track – Cycle Track (south) – turn off for track to Mill House and Deardens – Chaffcombe Lane – Village Hall
This walk will be in the region of 4/5 miles mainly on local lanes so should be a gentle pre-Christmas
I had hoped to plan a walk to include Christmas lunch but in view of the current uprated CoVid restrictions It think it best that this is put on hold in the hope that we can arrange something in 2022.
Hope that this appeals and that you may be tempted out
Best wishes
Anthony Gray Chaffcombe Parish PPLO

Anthony Gray

18 Barberry Drive


Somerset TA20 1HR

tele 0146065392



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