Easter Letter

Letter to Benefice friends at home, Easter 2021

Dear friends,

We come to the second Easter-time of the Pandemic and Revd Philip and I are sad that we
will not all be able to gather in our churches to share the joy of Easter day or the re-telling of
the momentous events that led to the Resurrection.

We understand that some members of our congregations have not been able to see the
online services, and others have needed to ‘shield’ at home and have not been able to go to
churches for times of prayer or services when there have been any, so that is why I am
writing now.

The Churchwardens have suggested that you might like to receive this letter, and I hope that
it will assure you that you are not forgotten and that you remain part of the Church as much
as ever.

To assist you in your prayers, I have listed the Bible Readings for each day, and I also enclose
some Reflections, which I have written based on the passages that will be used in church,
with a prayer for each day from Maundy Thursday. I pray that this will help you to feel part
of the Church fellowship, and bring you closer to the love of God in Christ Jesus that is our
privilege and our joy.

I expect you have a Bible to hand – do let us know if not – and maybe you will also be able
to find a candle to light as you read and pray, and reflect on the Passion, death and
resurrection of our Lord.

May you find blessing this Easter time. And may we meet again in person before too long!
with love in Christ,

Revd Judith Abbott Tel. 01460 220689 and Revd Philip Butcher 01460 221286
Maundy Thursday: Exodus 12: 1-14, Psalm 116: 9 – end, John 13: 1-17 and 31b – 35
Good Friday: Isaiah 52:13 – 53.end, Psalm 22, John 18 and 19.
Easter Eve: Job 14: 1-14, Psalm 31, Matthew 27; 57 – end
Easter Day: Psalm 118, Acts 10: 34- 43, John 20: 1-18

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