Fibre Broadband

Dear Chaffcombe Resident,

Well, the day has finally arrived when the Fibre Broadband show gets under way. The vouchers have been validated and the contract with Openreach signed today.

Openreach will now swing into operation, planning the roll-out, arranging road closures etc. We have not been given any firm dates for connection but I should receive monthly updates and expect to be seeing engineers on the ground within 4 months or so.

A big thank-you at this stage to Michael Otterbeck who did all the hard work of putting the scheme together – and having to deal with the arcane intricacies and maddening inefficiencies of the application system. Herding cats would have been easier!

The Parish Council as usual have been super-helpful, as have our local area councillors and our MP, and with everyone pulling together we have managed to get this far. Well done to all of you being so speedy getting your vouchers validated and the show on the road. Finally the sunlit uplands of superfast connection are within sight!

I will keep you all posted on progress….

Geraldine 01460 67200

25th March 2021

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