In memory of Yvonne

As you are probably all aware, sadly, Yvonne Leese passed away last weekend at the age of 93. She had not been well for some time and had moved to Sussex to be near her family.   Her final months had been spent being cared for in a special home.

Yvonne did not actually live in the parish of Chaffcombe, but she had devoted a large part of her life over many years to St. Michaels and All Angels Church at Chaffcombe. For many years she had been Sacristan, making sure that everything was in order for all the various services held in the church.  She has been missed, but before leaving Yvonne passed on her knowledge so that things could continue without a hitch.

Due to the current situation with covid Yvonne’s funeral cannot take place in her beloved St. Michaels, but it is hoped that a service will be held in her memory when this becomes possible.

Anyone who feels that they would like to make a donation in memory of Yvonne and in appreciation of her service to Chaffcombe please contact Stan Robinson at Cornerstones, Chaffcombe or on 01460 239121.

Stan Robinson.

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