Next Village Walk to clear footpaths

Dear all
Now that we are coming out of lock-down and into Tier 2 we can think of small group walking again, subject to the rule of six
I therefore propose a village walk on either Monday 7th or Tuesday 8th December  as follows:-
Chaffcombe Village Walk at 10.00am
Village Hall – Summer Lane – Whitemore Hill – Lydmarsh – across fields to Youngs Copse – Golf Course – Cricket Cross Cricket Lane – Sprays Hill – Knapps Lane – Village Hall
There may be some cutting back to do en route but we will find that the Sprays Hill bamboo thicket has been trimmed by kind local volunteers. You should expect to find muddy and slippery fields so be prepared!
I hope that as many as possible can join in for a slow amble in the fresh air but we may have to split into groups of 6 on the day, slow and slower.
This time I would suggest that we meet on Monday 7th as I know of at least one walker otherwise engaged on urgent matters on Tuesday but let me know if this does not suite all of you.
As there is no prospect of our customary pre-Christmas walk and lunch this year with the current restrictions, I would like to have another Village Walk before Christmas with the idea of having an open air social at the end to consume mince pies. Perhaps this can be discussed further next week.
Best wishes to you all
Anthong Gray Chaffcombe Parish PPLO

Anthony Gray

18 Barberry Drive


Somerset TA20 1HR

tele 0146065392


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