Our big Community Scrapbook Entry Form

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Consents – please read the below and give consents as necessary:

All items submitted will appear on our church website. We also hope to produce a booklet or display the entries in our church buildings in the future. These will all appear with the entrants first name and age (if under 18). All
personal and contact information provided above will be held in accordance with the Two Shires Benefice Data Protection Policy under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and will not be shared with any third parties. Please see https://twoshires.wordpress.com for further information.

Consent for use of submitted items for the community scrapbook? YES / NO

Consent for personal information to be held under GDPR? YES / NO

Please note, you will need to obtain specific consent from any people featured in any of your items where they are not the applicant or your own dependents, including photographs, for these to be displayed.

Thank you so much for your entry. We look forward to displaying it in our Big Community Scrapbook.


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