Update from our Vicar

Dear all
Just some clarification (I hope) on delivering things personally to other peoples houses – such as parish magazines…
I have been doing some asking around and I think the position is that you can deliver communications etc as long as it is:
1.  Genuinely part of your route once per day allowable time out of your home 2.  The item can be put through the letterbox or left remotely – it must not be delivered person to person. 3.  You should not be using your car – it must be as part of your ‘exercise’ routine. 4.  If in doubt – use the postal system.
Also, just to flag up – the police are checking on people’s activities; I know of two such checks yesterday.  I have also noted from Avon & Somerset Police this morning that people are not allowed to use their cars to travel to a place to exercise (e.g. walk the dog).  Other than shopping, work, or medical, all other excursions must be on foot or bike from and returning to your home address. 
Keep safe everyone,

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