Film Nights at Old Rectory – hearing department

Film nights at the Old Rectory

Just a brief note to reassure those of our friends who may be challenged in the hearing department…

Our sound system is pretty impressive, and makes the most of the soundtracks on the films we show. HOWEVER, we do find that in some films the quality of reproduction of speech is not as good as it might be. We all grumble at our TVs a lot, I know, about mumbling actors and over-loud “background” music and films are not immune from these problems.

However, in most cases I can access subtitles for our films, which are often appreciated even when the sound quality is OK. I personally find them really useful in Shakespeare where reading the “script” can also assist in understanding what the heck is going on!

So please don’t think wearing hearing aids is any sort of impediment to enjoying our films. Anyway, we always have the indomitable (and somewhat deaf!) Mr Edwards urging me to turn up the volume …….!


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