Closure of Knapps Lane – Sunday 2nd February to fell Ash Trees

Outline  plan for the ash along Knapps Lane, bordering Sally Hurley’s and Julian Butler’s woodlands. 
They are infected with ash dieback and we have a felling licence for their removal. They hang over the road and already have a substantial amount of deadwood in their canopies. Two small ash we removed today disintegrated before they hit the ground. 
The easiest, quickest and least disruptive way to remove the ash is for the harvester to quickly do it, early one morning. It’d take less than 4hrs to do the lot, with a bit of intermittent disruption afterwards for the timber to be uplifted with the forwarder. I’d be happy to leave plenty of ash cut to manageable lengths at roadside for residents of the village. 
I’d propose that a Sunday morning would be least disruptive, and we could have the entire length of Sally’s woodland done before 11am. This is where the vast bulk of the troublesome ash on the lane are. 
This would hopefully save a lot of disruption later on, as the council would take a great deal longer to deal with them, and they’d probably wait until they started to fall over. 
The felling will now take place on Feb 2nd, ie 2 weeks tomorrow.

This is because the machine needed for the job has metal tracks for forest clearing, but will need tyres for road work  and they want to complete the current work with it before changing them.

The road will be closed from both ends with signage and vehicles at the telephone box and top of Knapps Lane.



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