Defibrillator in Chaffcombe


A defibrillator (defib) will shortly be placed in the entrance of the Village Hall for use by Local Residents, attendees at Village Hall events and visitors to Chaffcombe, in the event of emergency.

It is a portable machine. The emergency services will know of its presence and will provide information to 999 callers of its availability and location, in cases where it would be of use.

A Training Session will take place in the Village Hall to show how the defib is used, particularly alongside CPR treatment to potentially save lives. Prior notice of this event (which is likely to take place one evening in February) will be advised on this web site, Village Hall and other Local Notice boards. Local Residents and Village Hall users are encouraged to attend.

Chard Defibrillator Group has given considerable assistance in helping us set up the lease agreement we have with South West Ambulance.

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