Our next village walk – Tuesday 5th November 2019

Next walk:

Tuesday 5th November 2019, start at Chaffcombe Village Hall, TA20 4BH at 10.00 a.m. Please wear suitable footwear as it may be very slippery and muddy!!!! All of our walks are voluntary and walkers walk with us at their own risk. No liability is accepted. We try to arrange these monthly walks along our footpaths to clear the overgrowth on the footpaths and enjoy the scenery and each others’ company. More volunteers are needed if we are to continue to keep our footpaths walkable. If you have any secateurs etc. Please feel free to bring them along – suitable gloves are advised if you are helping in this way.

It is anticipated that there will be a lot to cut back, brambles as well!  so be prepared.

Our route:

Village Hall  – across fields to Chaffcombe Gate – Cricket Lane east – track north past Ashton – across fields to Knowle St Giles – along lane west to cycle track – cycle track south to Deardens Yard – track east to Woodhouse Farm – Chaffcombe Lane – Village Hall
It is likely to be muddy/boggy underfoot so good footwear is advisable. We shall be cutting back as we go, particularly the track from the cycle path to Woodhouse Farm which may need attention.

Old clothes and suitable gloves are recommended as the track could be horribly brambly.

As foliage is growing profusely at the moment this walk may be shortened if extensive cutting back is needed.

We will be cutting back and clearing as needed during the walk and the route may be varied on the day if weather conditions dictate.

All are welcome to come. Dogs can accompany you provided they are always kept on a lead. If you would like to take photographs as we go please can you send these to Mary Butler (marybutler10@outlook.com) for insertion on this website. Thanks

We monitor the paths and rights of way within the parish by monthly walks around different parts of the network. If you enjoy fresh air, exercise and good company join us for an hour or two on the 1st Tuesday of the month from 10.00 a.m at Chaffcombe Village Hall, TA20 4BH. Just bring stout shoes, wellies, waterproofs and refreshments as required.

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