Scam alert


There have been incidents in a local parish recently about the following.   This is a copy of their round robin.

” Hello

“Two elderly East Chinnock residents had a phone call today from an organisation claiming to be linked to Police Community Support and offering some sort of alarm system which could call emergency services from a range of 200metres. They offered to come and fit it in the house later in the day and gave a reference number AC22E4. The couple were suspicious because only first names were given and it all seemed too cheap and let me know to see whether the Parish Council had heard of any such scheme.

I have contacted the District Council, Careline, Citizens Advice and the police and none is aware of a legitimate body/company. I have also established by using the telephone 1471service the calls came from a “number withheld” source. The police have been very thorough in their follow-up including coming to see me and are reasonably certain this is a scam.

“It could work in a number of ways.

1 Simply to get inside the house.

2 As a distraction technique to detain someone at the front door whilst an accomplice enters the back door. (According to the police this is a common tactic in this area at the moment)

3 To sign the unwary up to an expensive maintenance contract after the cheap installation.

Clearly a warning can go in the Chimes but in the meantime could all recipients of this pass on a warning to their neighbours, particularly the elderly, to avoid any one in the village being conned.


“Thank you.”



Please pass this information on to your neighbours and friends.




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