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Film Evenings at The Old Rectory



To brighten up this gloomiest time of year, Neale and I thought it might be a good idea to have an occasional film evening in our studio at The Old Rectory.  We have a pull-down screen with overhead projector and a BluRay player with a pretty good sound system.  We enjoy watching films up there and it seems churlish to keep them all to ourselves!


Of course, we have no idea who might be interested in coming along and if so when in the week would be a good idea to have a showing.


So can you kindly respond to the following questions if you would like to be on our film emailing list.  If you are interested, I need to know, (by email to, please)


1. Your name and email address
2. Which evenings in the week you are regularly NOT free to come to a film.
3. Would you prefer your film to start a) early evening eg at 5 or 6 pm or b) later eg 7 or 8pm
4. Any particular genre of film that interests you.


Of course, although we have a fair number of DVDs here (including the complete BBC Shakespeare play recordings, which are amazing and just like being at the theatre!), we are very open to you making suggestions and/or bringing along a DVD for others to enjoy here.


We would operate the same reservation method as for our concerts – ie you email me to let me know to put out a chair for you. There will no charge but if you feel moved to make a donation to charity at the end of the evening there will be the usual box at the bottom of the stairs.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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